Culinary Adventures in Peru

Culinary Adventures in Peru

Mountains, deserts, sea, and forest – Peru is an exceptional country with a landscape that boasts all four. If it’s anywhere on your bucket list, skip a few items and move it to the top. There’s plenty of sights, sounds, and scents to explore here, much more than you can do in a lifetime. If you’re looking for one trip to take on your vacation, make it a Peru culinary holiday.

The food of Peru is absolutely irresistible. Visit Peru to tour what tastes Cusco and Lima have to offer. This country offers flavors you’ve never dreamed of!

If you don’t believe us, here’s a taste of Peru’s irresistible culinary milieu.

Pollo a La Brasa

You may wonder why you would need to go on an extended Peru culinary holiday when you can treat yourself to pollo a la brasa wherever you are. True, the delicious Peruvian-style roasted chicken is popular around the world, but the authentic recipe can only be tasted in once place. Instead of fries, Peruvians serve it with fried yuca to accent the spicy sauce made with cumin, garlic, and red peppers.

Lomo Saltado

Lima street food tours are probably the best way to experience Peru’s culinary delights and this city’s unique fusion of spicy Chinese and Peruvian ingredients. The most famous representative of the hybrid Chifa cuisine is lomo saltado, a beef steak dish cooked with tomatoes, seasoned with peppers and onions, and served with rice. Eat it in front of Circuito Magico Del Agua, Lima’s magical fountains.

Rocoto Relleno

In case you’d rather steer clear from meat, the closest thing to a veggie alternative would be rocoto relleno. Of course, if you order this dish in its city of origin, Arequipa, you’ll hardly be able to call yourself a vegetarian no more. Over there, huge red bell peppers that are the heart and soul of rocoto relleno are stuffed with spicy ground beef and hard-boiled eggs and served in melted cheese.

Cuy & Ceviche


If you happen to visit Peru’s seaside, do try the traditional fish dish marinated in citrus juice. Ceviche, as it is called, is the number one contestant for the flattering title of Peru’s national dish, while its citrusy marinade, tiger’s milk (leche de tigre), is considered a culinary treat. But if you’d rather try cuy, take a Cusco food tour to find the best cuy this city has to offer. The barbequed guinea pig is nowhere more succulent than in the Andes.

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Peru boasts around 3,000 kinds of potatoes, many of which are used for cooking causa. This cold, casserole-like dish contains avocado as well, in addition to meat or tuna (again, there aren’t many options for vegetarians here). Aji de gallina is another excellent choice if you like your chicken stew to be prepared with milk. If you are a hardcore gastronome, Peru is your chance to try alpaca meat.

Whatever nature gives them, Peruvians find a way of making it taste delicious. From alpacas and guinea pigs to potatoes and corn, everything that runs and grows in this part of the world is a unique culinary delight. If not for its breathtaking landscapes, visit Peru for its contagious love for good food. Book a tour today!

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