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Cuba is like no other country you will ever visit in Central or South America, of that you can be absolutely certain. Situated in the northern Caribbean, the island of Cuba has a unique history that ensures every visitor comes away with a lasting impression of the country. The capital city of Havana is a curious mix of architectural gems and crumbling apartment blocks, which, while clearly in need of some love and attention, still retain an air of elegance that their dilapidated appearance only serves to enhance. If you have ever wondered what a country would look like if it were frozen in time for more than 50 years, this is the destination for you. Once outside the main cities, the country offers numerous opportunities for trekking in areas with stunning scenery, where you can also observe the varied indigenous wildlife.

Cuba Tours & Travel

In common with virtually all the islands in the Caribbean, Cuba is not found wanting when it comes to white-sand beaches washed by crystal-clear waters. If you would like to relax by the sea for a few days during your holiday, you will have plenty of locations from which to choose.

Whether you are a keen ornithologist or have just a passing interest in birds, a South America Tours Pty Ltd guided visit to Las Terrazas Sustainable Project is sure to be a pleasurable experience. With the opportunity to spot over 100 species of local and migratory birds while following a trail that climbs to 2,500 feet above sea level through verdant terrain, this is an excursion you should not miss.

If you would like to see where the world’s most prized tobacco is grown, which ends up in the world-famous Cuban cigars, a visit to Vinales Valley is a must for your itinerary. Whilst in the area, you can also see an ancient cave painting and take a boat trip along an underground river.

History buffs will relish the chance to explore the city of Santa Clara, site of the final battle of the Cuban Revolution and the resting place of Che Guevara. If you are interested in one of our tours that does not include a visit to Santa Clara, we highly recommend asking about adding it to your travel package

From beautiful countryside packed with tropical flora and fauna, to charming cities that feel like they belong in another era, Cuba is a truly fascinating destination that you are sure to appreciate.


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