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Uyuni Salt Flats

Our tailor-made Uyuni salt flats tours take adventurous travellers through the wonders of the world’s largest salt flat in Potosí, southwest Bolivia. The 10,582 km2 Salar de Uyuni is also the largest mirror on the face of the planet with its shallow lakes reflecting the gorgeous Bolivian skies, clouds and animals, making a walk across its white surface seem more like a trek across the moon than a South American adventure!

Uyuni´s salt flats are a photographer’s paradise and its dream-like environments have captured the imagination of all those who’ve revelled in its natural splendour. Sitting at 3650 metres above sea level, the salt flats of the Bolivian Altiplano are a destination like no other and the experiences you’ll share in with your travelling companions will surely be among the most definitive during your time in South America.

While our customisable Salt Flats tours are completely safe and reliable, we do stress that as conditions are rather basic in this captivatingly beautiful part of Bolivia, travellers should prepare themselves for a journey that is, at times, a bit rough. However, if you don’t mind a bit of rough travel if it delivers the kind of adventure travel experiences you’re after, then our tours are for you.

Uyuni Salt Flats Tour Highlights

For some travellers on our Uyuni salt flat tours, it’s those breathtaking panoramic vistas of a never-ending sky that seemingly encompasses everything as far as the eye can see, while for others it’s that feeling of energy in the air as the sun slowly sets in the horizon and the heat of the day turns to the cool of the night. Our adventure travel tours serve up a dazzling array of highlights, such as:

  • Walking amongst the clouds as the sky and earth seemingly blend together to become one
  • Discovering the unique vistas of giant sand dunes, jagged canyons and boiling geysers
  • Exploring the Hedionda and Chiarkota lagoons near San Cristobal
  • Gazing in awe and wonder at the star-filled skies at night

The most iconic time to visit the Uyuni salt flats is from February to April when the mirrored surface perfectly represents the sky above and the sky and earth seem to become one, though as there are many permanent lakes and lagoons scattered across the flats, exquisite panoramas abound all year. The travel specialists at South America Tours Pty Ltd look forward to helping you arrange the Uyuni salt flat experience you’ve always dreamed of, so why not start by exploring our travel ideas below?


Uyuni Salt Flats Tours

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