South America Tour: Unveil 14 Days of Amazement in Peru

South America Tour: Unveil 14 Days of Amazement in Peru

Are you looking for the ultimate adventure vacation? If you are looking for a vacation full of adventure where you can try new things you have probably ruled out going to a beach where all you can do is relax in the sun. 

While many people want to relax on vacation, you can do this in your own home without having to travel. Vacation should be for trying new things and doing things that you may never get to do again. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime vacation you should consider going on adventures in Peru.

What Does Peru Have To Offer?

Peru is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Adventures in Peru consists of breathtaking views, historical monuments, sights of the city, adventures in the Amazon jungle, encounters with natural wildlife, visiting islands, and viewing the famous Machu Picchu. Peru has a lot to offer for all tourists, but to do it right and see all that Peru has to offer you should consider taking a guided tour for about two weeks.

Adventures in Peru Tour

If you are looking for one of the most incredible adventures in Peru you should consider booking a tour at This tour allows you to book your fourteen-day travel to Peru with airfare and hotels already included. 

Traveling to another country can be challenging because you may not speak the language or know the best places to stay or the best places to travel to. Using a tour company helps take the stress and worry out of booking a vacation and allows you to enjoy all the sights without having to worry that you will miss something.

This fourteen-day tour is the perfect length of time because it allows you ample time to travel across the country to view all that Peru has to offer on this once in a lifetime adventure. After getting off the plane you can visit Lima, which is the main city in Peru. You can enjoy the culture of Peru, the new foods, customs, and people. 

After spending time in the city you can visit the Amazon Jungle, which is one of the most remarkable places in the world. You can visit Machu Picchu, which is one of the most visited places in the world. This tour allows you to end your adventure while relaxing and visiting a variety of islands on Lake Titicaca. Overall, this tour is a great value and provides all tourists with unforgettable memories.

Top Things To Do In Peru

All tourists want something different out of their vacation, but if you are traveling to Peru you are likely up for any kind of adventure.

1) Visit Machu Picchu

This tourist destination is the most visited place in Peru. Its intricate design was built by the Incas. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and its beauty and construction are sure to leave you breathless. While walking around the structures you can feel the energy of Apus, an Inca God. This amazing structure is built at the top of a mountain. While you stand on the mountainside you have a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains that make Peru so beautiful.

2) Lake Titicaca

This is considered to be the highest navigable lake in the world. It has several islands around the lake that people can visit. From these islands, you can take in the views of the surrounding, calm waters and see how people live on these islands. 

This lake allows you to better understand the history and the culture of the Peruvian people. Archaeologists have discovered an underwater ruin under Lake Titicaca that is thought to have belonged to the Incan people. It is thought to be over 1,000 years old.

3) Exploring the Amazon Jungle

If you are seeking out adventure and want to see natural wildlife you can visit the Amazon Jungle while in Peru. There are many guided tours of the Amazon Jungle because walking through the jungle without a tour can be dangerous and can leave you lost. 

The Amazon Jungle is full of thousands of species of wildlife, a diverse selection of plants, and mystical legends. There are endless things to do in the Amazon Jungle, but to stay safe you should find a reputable tour guide to help you see all that you want. 

If you want the ultimate adventure you can take a tour of on the canopy walkway through the Amazon Jungle. The rope bridges allow you to see the Amazon Jungle in a way that most people cannot, from the canopy. 

From the tops of the trees, you can see the jungle floor and the treetops all at the same time. You can see much farther than you could if you were simply walking on the jungle floor. You have the opportunity to see more animals in their natural habitat.

4) Manu National Park

This national park is set in the Amazon Jungle. The national park is a great place to visit if you want to explore the Amazon Jungle because it is one of the safest ways to see all that you want. The animals inside this park are protected so you will likely see a vast number of animals that you may never have the chance to see again in their natural habitat. 

If you choose to spend time navigating through the Manu National Park you will likely see macaws, caiman, monkeys, and many other animals. You can rent paddle canoes and travel on the open water to get closer to animals than you ever thought was possible. If you are looking to help out others while on vacation and to see how Peruvian people really live you can accompany members of the Manu National Park for volunteer projects at different times of the year.

5) Visit Lima

If you choose to take the fourteen-day tour of Peru you will start off your adventure in Lima. When people think of going to Peru, they likely envision the jungle, rather than the city. Lima is the largest city in Peru and also the capital. 

In this wonder-filled city, you can see many historical monuments, cathedrals, and many restaurants. You can eat some of the native food and try some of their delicacies that you may never get the chance to try again. Visiting this city allows you to see the more modernized side of Peru and encounter things that you will not see when you visit the jungle.

6) Condors at Cruz del Condor

Peru is known for these high mountains and spectacular landscapes. Peru has some of the most beautiful canyons in the world and one of the most famous canyons is called Colca. While visiting this canyon you can hike to the top of Cruz del Condor where you can see many condors sore through the sky. These large, amazing birds are majestic creatures that very few people ever get to see. You can watch them glide and soar effortlessly through the sky while you explore the vast canyons.

7) Spend a Day at Cusco

Cusco is home to many historical sites and the culture of the Incan people. While exploring this city you can walk to the top of the buildings to see how beautiful this city really is. It is surrounded by mountains and all sides and has an ancient charm that very few places in this world still have. You can fully appreciate this city and its people if you leave the comfort of your hotel room and do some exploring. You can visit markets, try new foods, and see how people live each day.

8) Sacred Valley of the Incas

The sacred valley of the Incas is also known as Urubamba Valley. Many people that visit Machu Picchu also stop here to see the deep, green valley. This valley sits in the middle of large mountains on all sides. It was thought to be the place where the Incas cultivated their food and many lived. The rich, green areas were likely a prime location for the Incas to grow their foods many years ago. This land is full of history, culture, and spectacular views that you cannot see anywhere else in the world.

If you are looking for the ultimate vacation destination you should highly consider going to Peru. Peru has vast, breathtaking landscapes that you cannot see anywhere else in the world. You and your family will be able to create unforgettable memories while visiting this beautiful, adventurous country. You can experience all that this country has to offer from its landscapes, people, culture, food, and rich history. There is something for everyone to do in Peru. If you choose to take on the fourteen-day tour of Peru you will surely be amazed by all that this country has to offer. You will wish you spent more time taking in all of the spectacular views of nature and the various historical landmarks.

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