Hi Nico,
We have just arrived home from our amazing tour and cruise to South America.
Thank you for putting our tour together for us and thanks to Paula for the flights.
Everything went so well with your plans , all flights went well, tours were amazing, we loved the hotels, especially the Boutique Hotel, Casa Del sol at Aguas Calientes.
The high lights were Machu Picchu , Iguaza Falls and Rio de Janeiro. These places will remain with us forever.
Everything in Peru was amazing, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the bus trip across the Altiplano was terrific, I just loved the Andes Mountains.
Unfortunately, Richard was very sick with a lung infection which prevented him from going on a few of the tours but your tour guides were fantastic, they looked after us so well.
The tour guide for Machu Picchu, Rueban, really looked after us and always made sure Richard had some where to sit , as he was struggling to walk.
The tour guide in Puno for Lake Titicaca, Leesett, ( not sure of the spelling) looked after us so well and rang the Doctor for us and stayed in the Hotel until the Doctor arrived, then rang me the next day to make sure Richard was OK and asked if there was any thing she could help us with. I really appreciated her assistance.
Able(Abel) the guide who took us to the Airport in Juliaca was also extremely helpful, he stayed with us and helped us at the check in.
Even though Richard was unwell and did not get the best out of this part of the trip, we still loved Peru, but we could not have enjoyed it as much with out your plans and the your guides.
We have recommended your company to so many people we have met on our travels.
Our Pick up/ drop off guide in Rio de Janeiro was Lewis and he was fantastic, we wished we could have kept him for the 3 days we were there, also, we LOVED Rio.
And so we are home safe and sound with so many photos and so many amazing memories.
Thank you so much.