South America Tour Highlights: The Amazon

When you think of visiting the Amazon jungle, you’re likely to imagine dense leafy canopies, rushing rivers and countless exotic animals. But until you’ve experienced the ‘Green Heart of South America’ first-hand, you’re completely missing out. There’s simply no substitute for breathing the air and taking in the sights and sounds with your own eyes and ears.

Amazon Monkey

Covering some 40 per cent of South America and producing 20 per cent of the world’s oxygen, it is truly one of the last great wildernesses on Earth. And thanks to our South America tours, you can plan your own adventure in this great natural wonder of the world.

Amazon Rainforest Geography

The Amazon basin is by far the largest rainforest on the planet. Sprawling over 7 million sq km, it covers an area even larger than Europe. No single country contains it. Instead, it stretches across portions of all of the following South American nations:

It’s named, of course, for the Amazon River – the largest river (by volume) in the world. In fact, it carries more water than the next eight largest rivers – combined. The mighty Amazon River supports the ecosystem, nourishes the towering trees and harbours a mind-boggling diversity of life. Incredibly, one in ten species found on the planet Earth live here in the Amazon. Needless to say, visiting the Amazon is an exercise in scale.

What to Do

With so much space to cover, the best way to see and explore the Amazon is with an experienced guide. The river itself is ever present; so many of the activities that you’ll enjoy here are going to involve water. If you come in the right season, you may even find yourself paddling a canoe through a flooded forest, navigating between massive tree trunks and listening to the call of howler monkeys wafting through the canopy.

For every overwater journey, there’s a trek or hike to match. But perhaps most impressive is the iconic canopy walk. Traverse hundreds of metres or more on suspended walkways in the upper reaches of the legendary canopy. Few human beings in the history of the world have experienced the Amazon from this highflying perspective. It’s an activity that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Wildlife Viewing

The Amazon is home to an unbelievably diverse set of wildlife. This includes approximately 200 mammal species and 1,800 types of birds. But in foliage this dense – and with so much ground to cover – visiting the Amazon is not the same as going on a safari. Instead, it’s best to travel with a guide who knows where the best wildlife-spotting areas are.

Amazon tours conducted by South America Tours will take you to some of the top wildlife centres in the region. We can also arrange birdwatching tours in Peru and a host of other once-in-a-lifetime encounters. View our South America tours for more information, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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